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LOAD it or LOSE it

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Osteoporosis prevention starts YOUNG

Did you know that Osteoporosis should not only be on the the minds of seniors but children at any age!! We always think about bone mass and bone mineral density as we get older but the way to reduce this worry later in life is to build strong healthy bones in adolescents. There is a reason why our kids eat vitamins and foods like, orange juice, enriched with calcium and vitamin D, so that as they run around and participate in high-impact sports which builds their bone mass. The Peak of Bone Mass is reached between the ages of 25 30, with the greatest effect on building bone mass between 10 + 20 years of age.   Peak Bone Mass means the highest amount of bone density you will EVER have because the downhill slide of bone density starts after 35-40 years old.

How to build YOUNG strong bones:

  • eat a well balanced diet

  • participate in WEIGHT-BEARING exercise in moderation!

    • running

    • playing tag

    • basketball

    • soccer

    • jumping

    • dance

    • gymnastics great for full body weight-bearing

  • reduce stress + maintain normal hormone levels (regular menstruation in females is key)

How to MAINTAIN strong bones: (Motion is lotion)

  • eat a well balanced diet

  • full body weight-bearing (loading) exercise, including the arms!

  • land-based impact exercises (sorry pool exercise doesn't make the list, but it does still help with heart health)

  • tennis

  • pickleball

  • squash

  • weight training

  • reduce stress + consume alcohol in moderation

Lifelong regular exercise is the real secret weapon to warding off tons of health problems. Find an activity you love and get LOADING those bones TODAY.



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