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What is Pool Therapy ?

Hydrotherapy or pool therapy or aquatic therapy is active rehabilitation exercises completed in water. At Lab Health Physio - Esquimalt, we provide exercise based rehabilitation in a warm water pool inside Esquimalt Recreation CentrePool therapy is just like it sounds, rehab in the pool, but not just any pool, Lab Health Physio uses the warmest pool in Greater Victoria! That means less time trying to stay warm and more time completing your exercises. Pool therapy is perfect for those who have trouble with dry land exercises, need gentle pain relief or those who need a hard workout. The warmth and buoyancy of the water provides the perfect environment to take pressure off sore joints and allow your muscles to move freely in a safe environment. Pool exercises allow for less gravitational pressure to be placed on the body. Additionally, the hydrostatic pressure of the pool can help joint swelling and promote more pain free movement. 

Who would benefit from Pool Therapy?

  • People with arthritis, osteoporosis, persistent back pain, Fibromyalgia etc.

  • Post surgical rehab patients (ACL, hip, knee, shoulder etc)

  • Those needing balance and fall prevention strengthening

  • Seniors

  • Athletes

  • Worksafe rehab (ask how)

  • And many more!

Lab Health Physio offers Pool therapy for individuals and groups

Lab Health Physio Aquatic Maintenance Program

If you are looking for a regular Aquatic exercise program supervised by a rehab professional, this program is for you! This group of water lovers exercise together but everyone is doing their own specialized program, while supervised by a Kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist. To begin, you must have one session with the instructor before your first class to create your individualized program. After your assessment you will be ready to join the group in the groups dedicated lane where you don’t have to worry about dodging other pool goers.

Call today to book 250-386-7254.



If you are referred by your Lab Health Physio, Athletic Therapist, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist then the cost per session is $7.50 which includes your admission to the pool.

You will receive your exercise program on waterproof paper at your first appointment.

If you are referred by a practitioner outside of Lab Health Physio then you must complete an initial assessment with a Lab Health Kinesiologist, Athletic Therapist or Physiotherapist.

Individual one-on-one Aquatic Rehabilitation

Work with one of our Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists or Athletic Therapists to help you reach your goals. If you just like the water or you are looking to up your exercising game or you need a program that you can do your own or you just want to get back to the things you love with the safe guidance and expertise of a rehabilitation exercise professional, then pool therapy is for you.

Cost: rates follow regular Physio, Kinesiology or Athletic Therapy session rates.

If you want to use you benefits on pool therapy then ask us how, 250 386 7254?

WorkSafe Pool Therapy 

Are you off work because of a workplace accident and you want to get in the water to work on your rehabilitation, then booking in with one of our Physiotherapists is the answer. With any WorkSafe claim, 5 visits for pool therapy are automatically approved and paid for, so no cost to you!!

Cost: FREE 

Please call 250-386-7254 to for more information

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