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Work/Life Balance with supported autonomy!



Lab Health Physio James Bay Clinic - in the heart of the neighbourhood

Looking for a new opportunity and want to prioritize your life and work balance? We at Lab Health Physio are ready for a Part-Time or Full-Time Physiotherapist to join our multidisciplinary team of expert collaborators in our lovely newly renovated James Bay clinic. We strive to provide an environment that practitioners love to work and patients trust to come to. If you like the idea of spending your time in one of Victoria's most vibrant neighborhoods, walking along the breakwater before or after work or having easy access to great food and coffee shops, PLEASE keep reading!


What we want for our team members… Focus on patient care while balancing workloads and excelling at what you love. Our goal is to provide opportunities that foster work/life balance so you can prioritize your Mental and Physical Health while providing exceptional patient care. We love it here and so will you 😀


What would make you a good fit… We are looking for a dynamic and flexible Physio who is looking for a relaxed, “no ego” clinic and who wants to grow to be a trusted voice in our vibrant community. We are looking for a Physio interested in treating the young and the old who are passionate and engaged in their health. We                                                                                           believe there are lots of ways to slice bread and providing physio to patients                                                                                                    is no different. Physios are the coaches in a patient's return to work, sport and health. 


What we offer… An opportunity to be an autonomous practitioner in our modern and relaxed                                                      boutique style clinic designed from the ground up by therapists, for therapists, with private quiet                                        treatment rooms and gym space focusing on one-on-one patient care. You will find the perfect                                                    place to build your caseload in a busy clinic and tight knit community. We use Jane app and our                                                  team of administrators are so organized and efficient you will feel supported every day with                                                              their expertise. This means more time to focus on your patients and not your paperwork!                                                                          If you want clinical mentorship or want to provide clinical mentorship we have that too. 


We are bursting at the seams with energy and patients and we are looking for someone to                                                            realize the potential and become a dedicated professional in our community. If you think you                                                          can’t pass up this position please reach out to us. We'd love to chat and see how you imagine                                                          your perfect work life balance and how you see our team helping you reach that dream.                                                                    Start August or September.

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