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PENSION Opportunity with a Full-caseload in a Private Practice Team. Be Happier, Healthier and More Balanced!


FULL TIME Position

Lab Health Physio Esquimalt Clinic - inside the Esquimalt Rec Centre

Ever thought about living and working in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia? Or maybe you already live here and know how amazing it is. Either way, we at Lab Health Physio are searching for a Full-time Physiotherapist to replace one of our long time practitioners who is moving away 🙁. The caseload is full and you would be working with our multidisciplinary team of expert collaborators in our Esquimalt location. We are open to innovative new grads or flexible experienced Physios. If you have a specific area of interest in which you want to grow your practice we would love to help you foster and grow your passions alongside your MSK caseload.

What you will get: 

  • Opportunity to work in our Esquimalt location with a large gym and pool facility. 

  • Full time work with flexible shift options. Choose to be a contractor or an employee with a Defined Benefits PENSION (THE unicorn of pensions)!!

  • We use the Jane app and have a team of long-time amazing administrators, who love their jobs and who are so organized and efficient. They have your back so you can focus on your patient care not paperwork. 

  • No competition between practitioners, just compassion and collaboration. Time and                                                                       time again our team members say that this clinic is the most supportive clinic they                                                                         have had the chance to work.

  • Never will you have to ask for vacation time again! Just let us know the time you want or                                                               need and we will support your caseload so you can have fun and relax while your                                                                      patients are cared for. You deserve autonomy and we respect that.

Who we are:

Physio owners Beth and Mark have made it their mission to create clinic spaces where practitioners love to work and can create Life and Balance (L.A.B.). We focus on patient care while balancing workload so that we don’t suffer from compassion fatigue and burnout. We have created two busy boutique style clinics focused on one-on-one care and dedicated to community betterment. If you want clinical mentorship or want to provide mentorship we have options for both.

We are looking for a Physio interested in treating all those in the community. Our clinics have been designed from the ground up by therapists, for therapists, with private quiet treatment rooms and ample gym space to do exercises with your patients. Needling and extensive exercise rehab experience are assets.

If you think this position sounds like a good fit or if you have any questions please reach out to us today!  We'd love to chat and see how we can work together.   Our team loves it here and so will you 😀

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