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Acupressure Neck Massage


Spa/Relaxation Style Massage

Relaxation massage is similar to that offered at most spas. And while it may resemble that of massage therapy, it is in fact, entirely different. The focus is on on helping you relax, unwind and relieve any stress you may be experiencing. This service is not considered a healthcare service and is more geared at helping you feel more calm and ready to handle day to day stresses. 

While both Massage Therapists and Relaxation Massage providers use a similar manual techniques, they each have their own unique goals when it comes to outcomes.

Massage therapy vs. Relaxation Massage

Massage therapy is provided by an accredited registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Relaxation Massage is provided by by a student or new graduate of an accredited RMT program. They are working towards or awaiting their BC RMT examination process. 

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