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Motor Vechile Collision Rehabilitation

Staying active after an injury is often very important; however, it often feels crazy to get active when you have pain, stiffness and tension. One of the biggest limiters is the fear of the unknown. Here area sample of questions people commonly ask:

  • Is it safe to exercise?

  • Will I make me worse?

  • What exercises should I start with?

  • When is the best time to start exercising?

  • How soon after the accident/injury is it safe to exercise?

  • What if I feel more pain?

  • Should I stop if I feel pain?

  • How will exercise impact my claim?

These are all great questions. In many of the cases the answers are individualized for your case, except in most cases some gentle level of movement is best as early as possible.

Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation includes Physiotherapy and Kinesiology together to maximize your level of function as quickly as possible while treating any symptoms that occur along the rehabilitation process. You will receive one on one tailored Physiotherapy in conjunction with specific exercise for your current level of abilities. We work as a team with you, communication is key to all of our success, that is why the Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist communicate weekly to make sure we are both helping you work to the same goal.

Check out more details here.

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