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gladys cheing


BSc.PT,  MSc. 


  • numerous research publications

  • extra training focused in diabetes management with exercise, foot issues and balance disorders

  • Exercising for the Elderly


Gladys is an experienced physiotherapist. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from University of Alberta and master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science from McGill University. Gladys has over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience in physiotherapy. She has worked in Canada and Hong Kong.

She specializes in pain management and geriatric rehabilitation. She enjoys working with elderly patients and helping them restore their optimal function. Gladys can help you practice your balance, getting up off the floor and building confidence so you don't have to be so afraid of falling. She is experienced in helping clients to manage diabetes complications such as peripheral neuropathy, balance disorders and diabetic feet issues. When not at work, she loves cycling and traveling with her family.

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