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Injury prevention is key to success in any environment. Have you every suffered a 'gymjury'? There are many keys to injury prevention, like, healthy nutrition and getting enough sleep but stretching and mobility training can also increase your power and strength output.
The current research on stretching is that you need to be diligent and routine. At Lab Health Victoria, our team can teach you how to make actual changes in your flexibility with our evidence based approach.
Stretching Guidelines:

  • hold for 30 seconds

  • complete the same stretch 3x daily

  • must repeat daily for 3 months

These guidelines will help you to see actual results but patience is needed as 3 months is a true commitment.

Mobility training can mean many things, such as, staying steady on your feet as you age, keeping long strong muscles at any age and harnessing new range of motion in your exercises.


You can train for mobility by moving in ways that promotes the lengthening phase of a muscle contraction, by foam rolling while stretching and by repeatedly moving through functional movement patterns. This can be used as an approach for lower back pain treatment.

Mobility Tools:

  • foam roller

  • rubber resistive bands

  • lacrosse ball

  • stick-style trigger point releaser

A Kinesiologist is trained in maximizing your flexibility and mobility while reducing your risk of injury. Don't be the next person to suffer a 'gymjury'.  How many times have you heard your friend or gym partner say their back hurts after lifting? Well, there is no reason for this to be forever. There are many things you can do to prevent this and lift pain-free. Don't find yourself needing lower back pain treatment because you forgot to also focus on mobility. Get your form and function assessed, TODAY, by Kinesiology Victoria

Lower Back Pain Treatment

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