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Athletic therapy deals with the prevention, assessment and treatment of all types of injuries. Whether you are a young athlete injured on the field or an office worker with a sore back, an Athletic Therapist can help you recover and have you performing at your best. Athletic therapists are highly trained to help people of all ages reach their physical goals using a combination of manual therapy techniques, modalities and therapeutic exercise.

Athletic Therapists are well known for their skills in treating and managing sports injuries, but Athletic Therapy is not just for athletes. Anyone from kids to elderly with new or old injuries are appropriate to be treated by an Athletic Therapist. Athletic therapists are fully certified and highly trained to assess and treat all types of muscle, bone and/or joint injuries using a variety of manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription programs that are uniquely tailored to each patient.

  • rotator cuff injuries

  • low back pain

  • knee and ankle sprains

  • spinal or foraminal stenosis

  • post surgical 

  • acute sports injuries

  • carpal tunnel

Individual and Team Training

If you are a recreational or high level athlete or sports team in Greater Victoria, connect with one of our highly trained and experienced Physiotherapists or Athletic Therapists. Lab Health Physio is located inside the Esquimalt Recreation Centre and we have access to a fully equipped 4500sq ft weight room with top of the line equipment and the warmest pool in Greater Victoria to get you or your team performing at your best. Or if you want us to come to your team and help with on field training or pre-season injury prevention we have you covered.

What to expect in a visit with an Athletic Therapist.

Wear something comfortable to your appointment as your Athletic Therapist will perform a thorough assessment of your mobility and strength in order to identify your injury and to develop your treatment plan.

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