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Cancer Rehab

Cancer Rehabilitation - Physiotherapy

We will work with you to start where you are.  The cancer journey can be complicated and we offer symptom management through exercise and education tailored to your experience. 

Assessment - Cancer Rehab

The assessment may include discussing:

  • full health history

  • A comprehensive clinical orthopaedic assessment and functional testing

  • Email/unlimited App access to a clinician

  • Access to a personalized online rehab platform to track pain/symptoms.

Treatment - Cancer Rehab & Exercise is Medicine

What to expect with Cancer Rehab Treatment:

  • Cancer rehab is about meeting you where you are at, through any stage of cancer. We’ll connect in person and develop a personalized rehab plan to optimize your physical and mental health.

  • We will build strength, mobility and aerobic capacity together.

  • We will empower you to move through setbacks and fatigue.

  • We will optimize your body before treatment, during and after.  

  • We will help change your pain and better manage cancer related symptoms through hands-on help and exercise

Cancer Rehab can help with the following:


  • Lymphedema, pain and post-operative planning

  • Decreased mobility, strength and aerobic capacity

  • MSK conditions: frozen shoulder, pelvic dysfunction, neuropathies, axillary web syndrome, gait impairments etc.)

  • Changes in mental well-being

  • Uncertainty about cancer progression or recurrence

  • Changes in appearance and/or physical ability

  • Vestibular, sensory and balance deficits 

  • Disruptions to daily life at work and/or home

  • Building a rich and meaningful life during and/or after treatment

Why Choose Cancer Rehab Physiotherapy?

A cancer journey may include the following symptoms​:

  • Pain

  • Swelling

  • Weakness and loss of strength

  • Range of motion and flexibility issues

  • Decreased endurance

  • Skin changes from radiation therapy

  • Lymphedema

  • Balance issues and fear of falling

  • Neuropathy, or numbness and tingling in hands or feet

  • Fatigue

  • Weight loss

  • Vestibular, dizziness and vertigo issues

  • Radiation induced complications or post-operatively challenges

  • Muscle and Joint conditions, such as, frozen shoulder, neuropathies, axillary (arm pit) web syndrome, joint pain etc.

Our Physiotherapists work together with oncologists and other clinicians collaborate to support you with rehabilitation and symptom support. We use EXERCISE AS MEDICINE, so that we can influence survivorship! We have witnessed first hand the impact of proper and timely rehab support, allowing patients to regain control over their lives. A rehab plan can help patients better manage the effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; quite simply it can give you a sense of power in a powerless time. Rehab support can better your quality of life. Exercise as medicine really works. Reach out to start today.

When to get cancer rehabilitation

You can play a proactive role in your medical care. Talk with your health care team about cancer rehabilitation any time you notice a change in symptoms that makes you less active or makes everyday tasks more difficult. Ask yourself:

  • Am I having more trouble getting around?

  • Am I having pain, weakness, or other symptoms?

  • Am I having trouble thinking clearly?

It is important to address the changes you notice as early as possible so they do not worsen. For example, a little bit of joint stiffness that keeps you from reaching overhead may result in you using your arm less. As a result, the arm may become weaker and stiffer over time. Or a little bit of swelling can be treated before it worsens.

You can also ask your health care team about seeing a cancer rehabilitation professional before you start cancer treatment. The Cancer Physiotherapist can assess your strength, mobility, and activities before problems start. You can then be monitored throughout treatment and beyond to catch issues before they become serious. This approach can increase your quality of life. And it can reduce symptoms and problems that can impact your work and home life.

Together we can:

  • IMPROVE strength/aerobic capacity

  • DECREASE complications from treatment

  • MANAGE cancer symptoms

  • IMPACT survivorship

  • START Exercise as medicine and much more...

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