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Occupational therapy

amanda cuconato

Registered Occupational Therapist




  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training (CBT)

  • Post Concussion Syndrome Rehabilitation

  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy

  • Functional Capacity Evaluator

Amanda loves getting to know her clients,  and helping them to get back to the activities which make their life meaningful. She has been an Occupational Therapist for over 8 years and has worked across Canada but has settled in nicely to the island life.

She has experience treating a variety of conditions including; persistent pain, acute and persistent concussion symptoms, mental health challenges including anxiety, depression and PTSD, as well as, acute or chronic physical limitations. 

She enjoys helping patients achieve their goals whether it’s returning to work, enjoying the things they love, or making day to day activities easier and safer.

When not at work Amanda loves gardening, being outdoors, cooking and kayaking trips.

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