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Kinesiology Victoria

At Lab Health in our Victoria West location we provide exercise based rehabilitation, Kinesiology VictoriaIt is the use of exercises to treat asymmetries and dysfunction by targeting muscle imbalances, form and technique. Specific exercise prescription is aimed at building strength and developing muscular awareness and motor control. This can restore musculoskeletal function in an effort to reduce pain caused by injuries, like rotator cuff tears or conditions, like spinal stenosis.

Exercises are an important component of your rehabilitation. These exercises are prescribed based on your specific condition, like spinal stenosis, and rehabilitation goals, like being able to walk to the local coffee shop. Accurate and focused exercise techniques are necessary to make sure you are doing them correctly to avoid causing shoulder pain or sciatic nerve pain. 


Rehabilitation exercises are often prescribe with each appointment. It is important that you work hard to do your exercises as they are prescribed to make sure you stay on target. Spinal Stenosis is a commonly occurring condition in the older adult population that causes pain with periods of walking or static standing. These people benefit greatly from targeted exercises that can extend your walking distance and improve your quality of life.

Kinesiologists can also review your current exercise program to make sure you are executing each exercise effectively to reduce injury and promote symmetrical joint protection. Kinesiology Victoria has extensive training in exercise physiology in observing exercise technique while providing useful tips and tricks to allow you to reach your training and lifestyle goals.

Exercise Program for Healthy Living

Kinesiologists are our experts in exercise for any stage of life. Whether you want improve your golf swing, dig deeper, carry heavy groceries or reach in to the cupboard without pain than a Kinesiologist is what you are looking for. They build your exercise program to include multiple variations of exercises that target the exact area(s) that need strengthening and areas that need stretching. You can see results in just a few weeks as long as you are committed and stick to the exercise program.

Spinal Stenosis

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