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Health on a Budget

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Health on a budget: Using free online resources to support your health journey

We’re rounding the curve into our second year of covid 19 limitations, making the ongoing conundrum of prioritizing your health while managing the ongoing demands of social isolation and working from home evermore difficult. Whether you are facing struggles with cost, time, access, or all three, here are a few useful free online resources to help you maintain your health and wellness. (The author has no financial affiliation with any of the resources below).

Do you miss attending your regular yoga classes, and are struggling to find times to book into the socially distanced classes in your area? Check out Yoga with Adriene Her wide variety of youtube videos are tailored to meet any ability or schedule!

If you’re noticing that your stress levels have increased lately and think meditation might be a good outlet, a few free resources you can check out are the insight timer app and the medito app . Both of these websites and their apps offer a wide variety of meditations, from sleep or mindfulness meditations to sound therapy and blogs.

Are you building an at home workout program and need more science based information to support your development? Jeff Nippard and Stephanie Buttermore both offer sound, science based information on which to base your training plan.

Have you been taking advantage of our mild winters to be active outside, and you’re interested in knowing how far you are walking or running? The ‘mapmyrun’ app by Under Armour lets you track your route by GPS and see how far and how fast you travelled.

Finally, with ongoing covid restrictions we’re all missing out on social time with our families and friends. The Kumospace program allows you to hang out as a group online but still move around in the virtual space and have smaller one-on-one conversations without leaving the main room. This reduces the problem of everyone trying to talk at once!

Whatever your health and wellness goals, there are a wealth of digital support systems to fit your budget, time and needs.

-Cara Temmel

Lab Health Physio

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