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5 Reasons to Choose a Multidisciplinary Clinic

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

There is a wide variety of choice when it comes to choosing your allied health care professionals, so how do you choose? The easiest way to ensure you'll get the best care and greatest range of options is to select a multidisciplinary clinic. Multidisciplinary clinics are built based on the idea that there will be a variety of therapists from different disciplines all collaborating on supporting the health and wellness of their clients together. Here are five reasons to go the multidisciplinary route:

  1. Avoid redundancy:

When you are working with individual health care practitioners, you run the risk of having to cover the same information multiple times in order to achieve your end goal. In a multidisciplinary clinic, each therapist involved in your care has a clear understanding of which aspects of your wellness they are responsible for, and can focus their attention and your time where it serves you best, with minimal overlap. E.g. See your physiotherapist for diagnosis, hands on work, IMS, and mobilization, your RMT for soft tissue and fascia release, your acupuncturist to manage whole body system concerns, and your kinesiologist to learn an appropriate exercise and active recovery program.

  1. Better outcomes:

Over the past several years, many peer reviewed studies have found that clients attending multidisciplinary clinics have had better long term outcomes and often achieve their recovery goals faster. There are a variety of possible reasons, from more efficient use of resources, faster communication, or a significantly reduced risk of someone getting lost in the system. All of those likely contribute to the overall positive effect.

  1. Wide Variety of Treatment options:

Along with avoiding redundancy, having a group of therapists working together in one location tends to mean that when you need something a little different from what one practitioner can offer you, they can get you in to see one of their colleagues for a more appropriate treatment faster. Often, a brief consultation can even occur that same day to make sure your treatment plan remains on track.

  1. Lower Medical Expenses:

When it comes to covering the portion of your health care coverage not recognized by MSP, it is important to be able to seek treatment efficiently. Getting treatment at one single private multidisciplinary clinic helps to better manage your extended health care coverage, as well as allowing you to easily discuss what treatment options are most appropriate for you within your budget. For example, if you see a Physiotherapist for an assessment and they determine you need an exercise program, then you can often see the Kinesiologist using your insurance coverage for physiotherapy exercise provided by the kinesiologist.

  1. Better communication:

In a multidisciplinary clinic, even if you are only seeing one of our therapists, you benefit from the knowledge of us all. We often confidentially discuss cases so we can learn and approach patients with new techniques, shared ideas and bring multiple perspectives to each individual we treat. We make sure to do this while maintaining your confidentiality and privacy.

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