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nicholas friesen


MSc. (PT), BSc. Hons.


  • Intramuscular Needling (IMS) & Dry Needling

  • Acupuncture Training

  • Advanced manual therapy up to Orthopaedic Level 3 completed

  • Exercise rehabilitation

  • Extensive sports physiotherapy experience

  • Ankle and Foot Advanced Training


Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology in 2003.  After school, he raced as an elite cyclist on teams in the USA, Canada, Belgium and France. 
He then attended McMaster for his Physiotherapy training, graduating in 2014. After graduation he worked in Hamilton for 2 years prior to moving to the Victoria area in 2016.  
Nick has been a physiotherapist for the past 10 years and has a special and interest in working with athletes of all ages, including having previously worked with athletes on national teams.

Nick's approach  to assessment and treatment is to listen well to figure out what the crux of the situation is and then thoroughly develop a plan of care with you to meet your specific needs. He uses needling, hands-on treatment, exercise and education to help get back on your bike, training program, gym routine or sports field. 
Nick is passionate in helping patients with their aches and pains while regaining active lifestyles. 
In his spare time, Nick enjoys cycling adventures and travel with his wife and their cute dog.

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