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How to Pick the Best Cardio Machine for YOU!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

How many people pick this cardio machine to get your sweat on?

Let us tell you WHY there is a better choice…

1. This machine is NOT Functional….normal walking has our right arm swing with our left leg (called opposition) not like this machine where the same arm and leg move together. We would look like zombies if we walked the way this cardio machine trains us.

Exercises should simulate the activity that you are training for…

THREE good options:

  • Treadmill walking similar to normal walking (see related post)

  • Spinning or Upright Biking similar to road cycling

Rowing machine similar to open water rowing

2. This cardio machine applies NO Impact….you think this would be a positive but no impact means no bone density maintenance

  • You need to apply force from the body touching the ground with impact to help build and maintain bone mineral density and reduce your chance of osteoporosis

  • Even osteoarthritic joints need gentle impact to drive new nutrients into the joint to keeping it healthy and having less pain

3. This cardio machine causes NO HIP Extension….it has you doing more hip flexion (bending) than extending which means you are not using your glutes (butt) as much as you could.

  • When you use a big muscle group like the butt you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories

  • Also we do a lot of hip flexion in our everyday lives, like tons of sitting, so pick a cardio machine that allows you to extend your hip behind your body like walking on the treadmill

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