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Pelvic health



Physiotherapy in your own home...

We provide accessible Physiotherapy in the comfort of your home. We bring all the equipment we need and you just have to greet us at the door!

Who would benefit from a Home Visit?

  • new parents having trouble getting child care

  • unpredictable sleep/feeding schedule of newborn

  • those with mobility issues

  • people with incontinence problems that make it difficult to leave the home

  • care home residents 

  • patients who cannot drive


Did you know that patients who are taught exercises in their home environment are more likely to complete the exercises on a regular basis?!

What types of things can we do in the home?


All of the things we can do in clinic!

  • education on healthy bowel & bladder habits

  • muscle activation & relaxation re-training

  • stress management

  • pelvic floor re-education

How much does it cost?

First Visit: $180 for 60 mins

Follow up visits: $120 for 30 mins

We accept cash, cheque or all major credit cards. We can also bill directly to most insurance plans.

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