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Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner


  • Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist 

  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Experience in various styles of acupuncture such as Master Tung style and Balance system of Dr.Richard Tan

  • Herbal adjunctive therapies

  • Strong knowledge of Western Medicine diseases, diagnostic process and treatment procedures with ability to make parallel comparisons into TCM terminology


Yink’s journey into Chinese Medicine and philosophy began 14 years ago while she was still working as a
Registered Nurse in a surgical ward in Thailand.
In 2008, she decided to take a break from 13 years as an RN and enrolled in a Chinese
language program. This adventure inspired her to enrol in a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) program at the Medical College of Xiamen University, China. Yink volunteered and worked during this time at the busy TCM clinic at the university. This experience offered her an opportunity to observe and be mentored in traditional eastern assessments and treatments of a wide variety of complex patient illnesses and pain conditions.
In 2017, Yink decided to move back to Canada, and in enrolled in Oshio College of acupuncture
and herbology in Victoria where she obtained a her registered acupuncturist and registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner accreditation. Throughout her studies she worked in the student clinic and volunteered to shadowed TCM doctors in the TCM
department in the Thai hospital where she previously worked as an RN.
Yink believes in a holistic approach that considers the human body as resilient and capable of healing itself when given the right care through acupuncture, herbal formulas, diet & lifestyle modifications, massage and cupping in order to restore the body back into a state of optimal health.
When not in the clinic Yink loves to be active outdoors hiking, cycling or paddle boarding. On those rainy west coast days she practices yoga & meditation and loves cooking and sharing her yummy Thai delicacies with friends. She is proficient in English, Thai and Chinese languages.

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