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Nadine believes that being a Physiotherapist is an honour; she will meet you were you are at and coach you to find some resiliency. Ultimately the goal is to help balance your nervous system, build capacity in your physical body and coach your body to do what it does best, which is to adapt. With the right evidence based treatment planning and a personalised bio-psychosocial approach, every patient can benefit from a rehab plan. Her B.Sc with Honours and Master’s of Physical Therapy have built the foundation for critical inquiry, a reflective practice and life long learning.
In addition to treating a muscoloskeletal patients; Nadine has developed her expertise in the field of Cancer Rehabilitation, helping to manage symptoms and offer exercise as medicine. Inspired by both personal connections and the growing need in this area of care, Nadine has completed various cancer rehab courses. Led by the Directors at both the UBC Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab in cancer research, a leading breast cancer rehab researcher Dr. McNeely and PINC&STEEL International, her learning continues. She is a certified PINC&STEEL cancer rehab physiotherapist. Nadine continues to stay committed to the changing research and continues to collaborate with researchers in exercise and cancer at the U of A. Her clinical knowledge is paired with a passion for exercise as medicine, and her experience working in exercise as medicine spans beyond 9 years.
Nadine is a strong advocate for exercise as medicine in the field of cancer, providing personalised exercise planning for all cancers at all stages. Learn more about exercise as medicine and survivorship in cancer through her website at; or read her latest publication below. When she’s not connecting with patients and sharing science, you can find her strength training, playing with fermentation and attempting to kite-surf!

Nadine Stunzi

Cancer Rehab/ Physiotherapist

MPT, BSc. with Honours

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