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Chronic Pain

What is KLT™?

Developed by fitness coach/trainer Graeme Kennedy and sports physiotherapist/fitness coach Wayne Rogers, KLT™is a strength and conditioning system that focuses on real world movement patterns to build strength, confidence and improved function. The Lab Health team of Physiotherapists got trained in this approach so we could provide the community of Victoria with evidence based functional whole body exercises. It consists of exercises that feature multi-plane movements that promote fluid mobility while creating a well-balanced body capable of moving in any direction. KLT™ focuses on training movement patterns that incorporate the entire kinetic chain of the body instead of isolating muscle groups in exercise that don't serve a functional purpose. This avoids over training of single muscle groups which can lead to imbalances relating to rotator cuff tears and over dominance leading to herniated disc injuries. KLT™ exercises train the muscles and joints of the body to perform synchronously together preventing future shoulder pain and other related overuse injuries. 

Who is appropriate for KLT™?

At Lab Health Physio Esquimalt we believe that exercise and self-empowerment are keys to reaching your functional goals. KLT™ exercises are great for those who are recovering from a rotator cuff tear, a herniated disc or sports injury and require active rehabilitation, as well as, anyone looking for head to toe strength and conditioning. KLT™ can be tailored to a large range of abilities. The exercises are accessible to someone that's just looking to increase their mobility and

 independence, all the way up to elite level  athletes.

Rotator Cuff Tear

+ Shoulder Pain Victoria

Rotator cuff tears are one of the second most common injures we see at Lab Health Victoria. They are typically associated with long-term pain in the shoulder with overhead reaching. This can be helped with improving the overall muscle acitivation of the shoulder so that the forces applied to the shoulder a symmetrical and don't continue to cause pinching or shoulder impingement.

What to expect?

Our trained Physios or Kinesiologist will assist you by selecting the appropriate exercises based on your goals, level of physical condition and needs. If you are suffering from a rotator cuff tear or a herniated disc we will then guide you through the exercises making sure they are performed properly so that you do not aggravate shoulder pain or previous injuries. You will be given handouts that you can take home that include each of the exercise programs we have instructed you on. All the information you need to complete the exercises on your own will be right at your finger tips.

​Whether you are looking for a new exercise program or having trouble getting started exercising, drop by Lab Heath to speak with physio Beth or Mark for more information!

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