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Skin check for cancer

Making skin checking super simple. Learn the ABCDE’s of skin freckle and mole checking. Sometimes the biggest issue is being able to see those spots on your back that you just can’t get to. Just follow these simple rules to know when to see your doctor to get checked out. Skin cancer prevention starts with sunscreen, covering up and limiting peak sun hour exposure!

melanoma asymmetry

A = Asymmetry

Look for moles that lack an even shape. If one half of the mole is different than the other half.

melanoma border check

B = Border

Look for moles that have jagged or rough edges.

skin cancer check for colour

C = Colour

Look for moles that do not have the same colour all over.

D = Diameter

Look for moles that are larger than a pencil eraser (6mm).

mole check for changing shape and size

E = Evolving

Look for moles that are changing or evolving.

Make sure to check your skin on a regular schedule. Plan it around when you change the oil on your car or on the first day of every new season, spring, summer, fall & winter. Pick something that reminds you at least every couple months. Put a reminder in your phone!

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