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PHYSIO & Kinesiologist

Mat Haines

Registered Physiotherapist
Practicing Kinesiologist
Certified Athletic Therapist



  • BSc. Kinesiology

  • Advanced Athletic Therapy Certificate

  • MSc. Physiotherapy

We are excited to have this amazing multitalented practitioner on our team. Mat has travelled Canada to complete his undergraduate training in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy and then across the pond to complete his Physiotherapy Master's in the UK. While studying in England, he was able to gain experience working in various hospitals scattered across London and working as an assistant physiotherapist for one of London’s professional basketball teams. Mat's previous work experience as a Kinesiologist and Athletic Therapist has solidified his exercise rehabilitation knowledge and execution. Mat provides exercise rehabilitation and hands-on treatment with experience treating all members of the community from young athletes injured on the pitch to workers injured at work and grand parents having trouble getting on the ground to play with their grand children. Mat can help you get stronger, reach your health and wellness goals and get you back to activity after an accident. Outside of work he is busy hanging out at the beach, exploring Victoria’s hiking trails and trying new challenges.

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